Our Commitment to Your Privacy

At A to Z Muni-DOT Company, our primary concern is privacy and data security. That's why, when you visit atozmuni-dotco.com, we make every effort to help you protect any personal data that is passed to us. To better protect the information you provide us during a visit to our website, we have listed below the strict guidelines we use for protecting this information.

Information We Collect

In certain areas of our website, we may ask you to provide personal information that will help us to make your atozmuni-dotco.com experience better. This information is completely voluntary and at your discretion.

We request information in the following ways:
  1. Providing an "E-mail this Page" form
  2. Providing a Customer Feedback form
For the instances above, we may ask for your name and e-mail address. Other similar personal information may be needed as well to register for services or offers.

A to Z Muni-DOT Company will keep your information private

A to Z Muni-DOT Company will keep the information you provide confidential. Appropriate steps have been taken to insure this confidentiality. Those steps include limited access to all customer databases, communicating this company-wide policy to all employees and enforcing strict penalties for any violation of this policy.

A to Z Muni-DOT Company will not rent, sell, or give away any of our customers' personal information to other companies/businesses for them to use at their disposal in selling other products or services.

A to Z Muni-DOT Company's main purpose for collecting personal information is so we can better develop our relationship with you the customer. If agreed upon by you, we will communicate with you by e-mail or some other online delivery service. If at any time customers wish to be removed from this list or feel that they are receiving our communications in error, they should notify us immediately and we will remove them from the mailing lists.

Other Privacy Items

Any linked sites and services accessible from atozmuni-dotco.com have separate privacy and security policies and are totally independent of us. We have no liability or responsibility for these independent sites. While we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of the data transmitted to us and therefore, you do so at your own risk.

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